Using A Free Email Address For Advertising

April 3rd, 2015 No Comments

You can sign up for an email address for free through Yahoo or Hotmail. Why create a free account? It’s simple. Many people collect email addresses from classified sites. In turn, They will spam you with their business opportunity. This is a very unethical practice, so I do not recommend doing this. When placing ads, you should always use a separate email account.

When you set up your email account, you should have your mail filtered. To filter your incoming messages, go to the “Options” section of your account. Click on the “Filter” link. Set up your account to filter emails which DO NOT contain “aeiou” in the subject. Direct those emails to go straight to your trash can. This should eliminate at least 95% of incoming messages. I would recommend using a Hotmail account because your “trash” will not count towards part of your usage, and it will be emptied right away. With Yahoo, you must go in and manually empty your “trash can”.

As long as you have a filter set up, you should only have to check your account once per month just to make sure the emails are being filtered properly. Any remaining emails can simply be deleted from your account.


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