Advertising In Free Classifieds

Free classifieds are a very effective and a low cost way to advertise. The major difference between free classifieds and paid classifieds would probably be the amount of ads. It is harder for a free ad to stand out because the free classifieds are typically saturated with ads. This doesn’t mean that free classified advertising does not work. I started out building my business by strictly free methods alone. Focusing on your ad headline, ad copy, and the layout of your website is of utmost importance when it comes to free advertising. Keeping track of your ads on the free sites will require practice and a notebook. Write down the date and time that you placed the ad and where. Check with each ad site for guidelines to follow when placing your ad. If your ad gets bumped off within a week, chances are you will have to return to that site more often to continue placing free ads. (Do not renew old ads. If possible, delete the old ad and place a new ad instead). One of the major drawbacks of using free classifieds is the amount of ads that you must place in order to see traffic coming to your site. Be prepared to spend a few hours placing ads each day. Make a goal for placing ads up to 200 per day. I highly recommend using a typing program for your ads in order to achieve this level of ad placement. Two excellent programs that I recommend are called “Type It In” and “Ad Wizard”. Free trial versions of both Type It In and Ad Wizard can be downloaded here. Once you start a regular schedule, you will be able to successfully complete 200 free ad postings per day within an hour or two. Time and patience are the key. Do you need suggestions on finding free ad sites? We have a list for you! CLICK HERE to view our recommended free classified sites. You can also find sites in the search engines by typing in phrases such as “free classifieds”, “top 100 classifieds”, “online classifieds”, etc… Several combinations of keywords will work for you. Recommended search engines include Google, Alta Vista, Overture, Yahoo, and AskGeeves.

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