Using Offline Advertising Methods

You are only limited to your imagination with offline advertising techniques. The information below should give you plenty of ideas to get started. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ College Advertising: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you live near a college, these are great techniques to try out! All colleges have bulletin boards. Post a flier at each bulletin board. You can even make tear tags (with your website address) at the bottom of the fliers for people to tear off. Check back often to post new fliers. Another tip for advertising at college campuses is to take colored sidewalk chalk and write your website address on the sidewalk. (Stay away during rainy days, though!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fliers: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You have an endless number of possibilities when it comes to fliers. -Visit a residential neighborhood. Roll up fliers and stick them on doors. -Go to the parking lot of a mall, grocery store, etc… Stick your fliers on the windshields of cars. -Blow up fliers and staple them to telephone poles. (Email addresses may be read easier than a long web address) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Business Cards: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Print out some business card size ads. These cards should have your website address printed on them. You will want to consider using a thicker type of paper, like card stock, for the best results. – When paying your bills, drop a business card in with your payment. – When you visit the doctor’s office, dentist, etc… place a few business cards in the various magazines sitting around the tables. – While visiting the post office, bank, etc… leave a few cards on the counters where people write their checks or prepare packages to be mailed. – Laundromats are another great place to leave business cards. You can put a few cards up on the bulletin boards as well as placing them in magazines which are lying around. – Go to a book store or the library and place a card in several different business books. – When leaving a restaurant, why not add a business card with your tip. – While visiting the restroom at a store, restaurant, etc… leave a few business cards on the counter. – Why not leave a few business cards at places where there are payphones, such as a hotel, airport, etc… – Many times, apartment offices will allow you to leave a few fliers or cards on the table. Don’t forget about their laundry rooms or exercise rooms, too!

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