The Network Marketing Success System

“A Gold Mine Called Network Marketing” Network marketing has its roots way back in the 1940’s. However, it is only for the past 20 years that network marketing has been enjoying a “legal status.” Indeed, not so long ago, network marketing was looked down upon as just another illegal financial scheme — much like pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, and other get-rich-quick schemes. Today, however, the network marketing industry is praised for its great contributions to the world economy. A multi-billion dollar industry, network marketing is now accepted as a stable and legal — not to mention highly profitable! — way of doing business. Have you ever wondered about the secrets behind the success of the network marketing system? Here are some of them: *Network marketing companies do not have any employees. Network marketing companies don’t have to allot a budget for social security, health care, and other benefits. Thus, these companies will have a larger sum of capital for other necessities such as training programs, technology development, new products, etc. *Network marketing companies do not have to spend on costly advertisements and other related expenditures. The network marketers themselves bear on their shoulders the responsibility of promoting the company’s products and/or services. The participants are highly motivated to make waves for the company’s products and/or services because they know that they themselves will be earning from such endeavor — thereby benefiting both the participants and the company. *Network marketing companies collect only minimal fees from would-be participants or marketers. People can join network marketing companies by paying just a small amount and then expect to incur high profits in the future. The low cost of entry to the business and the high income potentials lure many people into the network marketing industry and actually help sustain it and promote its success. *Network marketing companies offer the widest arrays of products and services. People actually support the network marketing industry by patronizing its products and services. Through effective network marketing strategies (sans expensive ritzy advertisements), marketers successfully convince consumers to purchase their products or avail of their services. *Network marketing gives practically anyone the wonderful opportunity to amass great wealth. Practically all people — even the “little persons” — are welcome to join the network marketing industry. Anyone who has the patience, determination, and right attitude can find his niche in the world of network marketing. Network marketing eradicates all biases and discriminations (gender, color/race, religion, education, etc.) in accepting members. This opens the doors for more participants and increases the success rate of the business. *Network marketing values time as a precious commodity. By not tying up its members to a nine-to-five job and instead offering flexible working hours, network marketing enables its members to have free time in their hands which they can use to bond with their loved ones or simply to enjoy a better life. *Network marketing promotes the value of friendship, unity, and teamwork. Since network marketing is basically all about sharing, this business model encourages its participants to interact with other people and establish close ties. Network marketing actually upholds unity and teamwork among the participants. Through socialization and interaction, marketers are able to expand their networks and help the business widen its horizons. *Network marketing encourages people to form certain goals and helps them attain their dreams in life. Network marketing is basically all about maintaining healthy relationships, too. By looking after each other’s welfare and interests, participants in network marketing are helping each other to achieve their aspirations in life. While it is true that the network marketing success system has proven its worth in the world economy, it is also important to take note that you definitely need to do your share if you wish to succeed in this business. Here are some of the pitfalls that would-be network marketers should be aware of and carefully avoid: *Treating network marketing as a mere hobby and not as a business *Having too high, unrealistic goals *Lack of patience, determination, discipline *Having little or no confidence in one’s self *Lack of knowledge and understanding about the company and the products/services that it sells/offers *Unwillingness to commit time, money, and efforts to the business. The success system of network marketing is proven by the way it has developed into one of the most forceful foundations of the modern economy. True enough, network marketing can be a goldmine from which you can extract your desired treasures. That is all up to you, though. Will you choose to utilize your tools properly to strike gold? Or will you merely dream about it and wake up to see only dust?

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