Top 10 Open Source Affiliate Management, Marketing Programs For 2023

As each affiliate can have their own account in the app and all products are tracked separately, there’s no risk of the database turning into a bundled mess. With fraud detection tools, you can see if there are repeated clicks, sign-ups, or orders from the same IP address or location. You can also create a blacklist of suspicious IP addresses, which the system won’t take into count when counting clicks or sign-ups. This protects you from losing money on illegally earned commissions and keeps your affiliate metrics safe, as they won’t get affected by unreliable data coming in from suspicious activities. Fortunately, you don’t have to – you can “hire” a third-party to take care of some mundane tasks for you. It’s like having a virtual accountant (or several, more like!) who keeps an eye on your affiliate marketing performance and notes down everything relevant to your business. 20170323193240 Gettyimages 615253358 Users can expect strong fraud protection, tracking, deep analysis, automated campaigns, and post-conversion functions, among many other features on Everflow. The company currently provides services to over 750 agencies and brands. Affiliate marketing tools are great for streamlining and keeping your affiliate data manageable.

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It can collect your conversion data via APIs, post backs, scrapes, google sheet files and manual CSV imports. Refersion affiliate management platform is somehow simpler and works best for e-commerce. I got to discover this affiliate management system when I wanted to apply as an affiliate to some product months back. There are quite some amazing features in this affiliate marketing tool has. ThriveCart is available through a one-time payment of $495 with lifetime access. You can integrate Clickmagick with Google and Facebook, allowing you to use either of the platform’s analytics tools to track your visitors’ activity. You can use it to get the most detailed insights as the platform can analyze 30 data points per visit. You can discover where your ads appear, the number of impressions, which of them result in the most conversions, and how much traffic your landing pages get, among others. You’ll find members of the Tune team sending alerts about feature improvements or new features on the lower right side of the interface.

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You can add sub-IDs to every link so you can trace the IP address of every click that leads to your website from an external source. Moreover, its cross-device tracking feature can track the behavior of visitors on various devices—something that can help optimize your product copies and landing pages. You get access to a dashboard that lets you easily monitor all your campaigns and partnerships. Aside from this central dashboard, you also get individual dashboards to track each affiliate, ambassador, or influencer. Perhaps best of all, Refersion is compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations. It lets you customize referral links featuring your brand name or social media handle, which affiliates can use on their website or other online channels. Or let’s say you need to compare the results of several affiliates. By using spreadsheets, you run the risk of getting lost and confused when faced with so much data. If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing or don’t have enough time or money to hire an accountant full-time, “hiring” a modern affiliate management system could work just as well. Doing so ensures the costs will be much, much, lower as the only outgoings from your side will be the affiliate marketing system subscription fee. If you don’t have time to take care of an affiliate program yourself, you might be thinking about hiring a person to do it for you. Frequent and consistent communication is paramount to successfully manage affiliates and affiliate programs. In this section, you can find a list of the members signed up for your affiliate program or requested to become an affiliate from their client portal. Along with this, you will be able to see the details of all your affiliate partners. Post affiliate pro is basically come for managing multiple affiliate programs, track him, and assign all the issues in one platform. The affiliate management software market is saturated with many options to choose from. Starting from, the integration capabilities with other tools, follow-up with your affiliates, asset management, and swift payout functionality feature. Affiliates are individuals or companies that can promote their products or services. The platform can also help them structure commissions and pay affiliates accordingly when referrals buy a product or pay for a service. In conclusion, a good management system will allow you to easily find and manage affiliates, track sales, arrange commissions and payments on time, and offer real-time feedback. Affiliate Programs are one of the best and most cost-effective ways to market products. The cost of marketing through affiliate programs is a fraction of what companies pay for traditional advertising. Affiliate managers are also highly compensated and can receive commissions on every sale. This helps you save money while expanding your markets and gaining more profit.

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The key features of OSIaffiliate include lead generation, affiliate campaign management, lead tracking, referral marketing, content management, fraud detection, and rewards distribution for affiliates. The affiliate management system offered by Kartra gives you various options for incentivizing, paying and communicating with your affiliates. You can recruit, manage, and track your affiliates from within the platform, and it does provide some analytics and reporting. Features include customizable commission groups and tiers, segmented payouts, and rewards based on performance data. SaaS companies can also manage all their affiliate, referral, and partner programs from one place.
  • Here, in this section, you will get complete insight about your affiliates stats such as number of clicks, number of sales & amount, refunds, pending amount etc.
  • Founded in 2014, Refersion is a relatively young affiliate management solution.
  • Also, pick a tool with a white-label—or customizable—dashboard where you can upload your logo and other elements related to your brand.
  • Deciding for which to settle for actually depends on your business goals and the level of functionality you need.
  • PartnerStack helps you automate onboarding for affiliates and give them access to marketing tools and referral documents to raise their chances of sales success.
  • You have to consider some factors when choosing the best affiliate management system for your business.
If one or two of the successful companies you’re aspiring to become use a certain platform, it might be worth investing in that same tool. Having access to this data eliminates the need for them to track the metrics themselves or email you about performance reports. They won’t have to get in touch with you to ask for promotional materials either. That means you might be missing out on various opportunities for a sales boost. For example, if you had access to data about who clicked on a link but didn’t finish making a purchase, you could reach out to those people with a retargeting campaign. The stories of earning unbelievable money with little effort that can be seen in various ads are exaggerated in many cases (only 3% are earning over $150k per year). Suppose you want to give 5% commission for first purchase then you will select percent from the drop-down section and add ‘5’ in the field. When you click on General Settings the system will first ask you to set up the client portal. Because you will get the affiliate signup URL after setting the client portal and your affiliate partner will get the promotional URL from the client portal only. We have added these filters in all the sections of our affiliate module.


It tracks everything related to your campaigns and your affiliates 24/7 and displays the data in real-time. Thanks to that, you can be sure you have all the data you need for growing your program neatly organized in a management dashboard. Running an affiliate marketing program manually is a tedious task. Businesses have to handle several processes, such as tracking sales conversions, following up with leads, and managing commissions. affiliate management system This module allows you to implement a registration PHP form on your site and register your site users to be an affiliate on your affiliate management system platform. There is an advanced API that allows you to develop any process with a registration function as well. This module allows you to create a multi-level marketing online network of affiliates with your site/store. You can motivate your affiliates by earning a fee from every activity of their downline and by that they will do x20 times sales for you. You can set your payout terms and the conditions for approving or rejecting commissions. Merchants can send commissions later via wire transfer or ACH payment. An affiliate management system, AMS, is software that allows affiliates and brands to offer promotions, coupons, rewards, and other incentives through one central platform. Typically, AMSs are run by affiliates or affiliate networks and manage the numerous promotions and campaigns offered to a website’s visitors. The software assists in ensuring compliance with region-specific regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation . Some affiliate tracking software solutions also offer promotional tools, such as shareable posts, custom banners, branded links, and social media plug-ins to help drive buyer engagement.


FirstPromoter’s tracking tool can report your program’s performance across 17 data points. This tracker and the fraud detection feature work together to verify and approve commissions automatically. The software adjusts your affiliates’ commissions after product cancellations and refunds. PartnerStack helps you automate onboarding for affiliates and give them access to marketing tools and referral documents to raise their chances of sales success. When choosing an affiliate manager, customer service and onboarding are the most important factors.


Offershub is a free marketing software for your affiliates network, online advertiser, market companies, agencies, e-commerce companies, media buyers, and more. Unlike other Affiliate software, Affiliate PRO comes with attractive features such as Commission options, reports about Transactions, Recurring sales, Traffic, Payouts, Affiliate earnings, and more. Affiliate MarketingOn this article, I’m going to show you 10 open source different affiliate platforms that you can consider promoting if you’re looking to make money with affiliate marketing. Choosing the best affiliate software for your product or service is important, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Newcomers should start with the minimum commission rate and minimum benefits but be able to unlock higher rates and better perks when they perform well. Choose a solution that gives you a free trial to test it out and see how it will work for you. Try a couple of free trials and get a feel for what your options are. However, some programs are similar to advertising campaigns wherein third-party affiliate marketers receive a commission for generating leads. IDevAffiliate is an affiliate marketing and tracking software best known for its ease of use and effective affiliate management solutions. It helps businesses achieve a higher level of sales, traffic, and SEO ranking with useful templates and integration modules. IDevAffiliate affiliate management software that helps affiliate managers to manage affiliate programs and campaigns. They can restrict the niche you can operate in, the type of offers you can make, and your commission levels.

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