The hottest tip on getting a web site listed quickly by Yahoo, Inktomi, MSN, FAST, Altavista and HotBot

Every webmaster knows that the free search engines are a major source of traffic.

They also know that applying all the SEO techniques in the world will not in itself get their web pages spidered, indexed and listed. Yes, sure, a “perfect” page, once indexed and listed will surely rank high for its keywords but unless it is found by the spiders, it is pretty useless.

It is no secret that the process of a web page being found by the spiders can be helped by placing links to that web site on other web sites (e.g. by doing a links exchange with other web sites, by putting one’s URL in one’s signature file when posting on a forum, by writing and submitting articles for free distribution and placing one’s URL in the author’s resource block etc.) All of this will surely work but it can take months before anything happens. The webmaster has no option but to be patient and wait…and wait…and wait.

Now there is something very easy and very effective one can do to speed up this process. Actually, using this method, will get a web page indexed and listed in less than 48 hours. And the whole process is controlled by the webmaster. It is easy, fast in terms of setting it all up and what’s more it is free!

Here is what one does:
Go to and sign up for a new account (free – they even host the blog on their server at no cost)
Give your blog a name.
Navigate to ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Site Feed’
Check that the ‘Publish Site Feed’ option is set to ‘Yes’
Copy the ‘Site Feed URL’ to the clip board (you can paste is some where .. you’re going to use it when you’ve set up your account)
Save your changes
Navigate to ‘Posting’ and create your first entry.
What should you write? Anything, actually – your words do not make that much of a difference. what is important is that you add the URL of each page you want listed to the blog. Remember to add them as live links (to enable all the spiders to follow them!) As a suggestion, why not make your blog a log of this experiment?
Publish your blog by hitting the ‘Publish’ button.

Sorry, we’re not done yet…

Now you have to go to and open a My Yahoo! account. Just follow Yahoo’s very clear instructions.
Click on the ‘Add Content’ button.
Paste the ‘Site Feed URL’ you’ve copied earlier in the ‘Find Content’ field and hit ‘Find’
You have just added your site’s news feed to your My Yahoo! account.

Mmm, you don’t know what a news feed is? I’ve written a document explaining it all. You can read it here:

Last step: go to
Enter your blog’s name and URL (similar to mine:
Select all the services to ping (of which My Yahoo! is one) and click the ‘Submit Pings’ button.
Navigate back to your My Yahoo! account and refresh your browser.
Scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll see your blog’s feed appearing.

Your job is done – the spider bait is ready!

Now for a bit of excitement. Start watching your web site’s stat’s to see how quickly the spiders find their way to your web site. You could even throw a free stats counter on your blog and watch the spiders visiting your blog.

Next step: Play “blog-and-ping” every day or so. More often if you have the time! Whenever you feel like it, add another posting to your blog. Remember to throw in some links to specific pages on your web site.

Let me know how successful you were – use my ‘Contact Me’ page on my web site.


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