Maximize Your Marketing Time

Are you spending enough time actively marketing your business to reach your marketing goals? How much time do you spend actively marketing your business? Do you spend more than a couple of hours per week? How much time should you spend actively marketing your business? Many small business owners and service providers don’t know what their answer to this question should be? They’re not really sure how much time they should be spending on marketing. But, a majority of the professionals I ask say they’re only spending a couple of hours per week. In working with clients one-on-one and through my Growth Marketing Power Groups, I challenge them that they should be dedicating 20 to 25% of their time each and every week to purposeful marketing activity. If you only work a 40 to 50 hour week, that’s 8 to 10 hours on marketing. For some, that number just seems impossible. They’re busy enough as it is and can’t imagine carving out that much time from their crowded schedules. So where exactly do you spend your time? Have you ever tracked and analyzed your time to see how productively you’re spending it? Most small business owners and professional service providers typically spend their time in one of three general categories… Income Producing Activities Marketing Activities Other Activities I’m sure you’d agree that you want to spend most of your time in “income producing activities.” But, the reality of the situation is that most professionals spend a majority of their time (up to 70 or 80%) in “other activities.” Some of that is justified because everyone has a certain amount of administrative duties to take care of. Unfortunately, a majority of the other category is simply wasted time. That’s bad news because if you’re spending over 70 to 80% of your time in other activities and only a couple of hours per week actively marketing, how do you ever expect to generate more income producing time? It’s a vicious cycle, but many small business owners find themselves caught in it. In order to maximize your marketing time, you need to schedule it like you would your best client. Book an appointment in your calendar, and then be sure you keep it each and every week. Don’t let anyone infringe on that time. Remember if you’re working a 40 to 50 hour week, that means you should be scheduling eight to ten hours for purposeful marketing activity every week. Imagine how much further along your business could be if you focused eight hours per week on marketing. In just a few short months, you’ll be a more purposeful marketer and I’d predict you’ll have shifted from “other activities” to more “income producing activities.” Get your calendar and schedule some time right now!

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