How to Change Your Career With a Blog!

1. Career Change – Blogs FEEL the future! There is a MAGIC that happens when individuals FOCUS on what they want to do with their lives, how THEY want to make a difference. Suddenly they have a confidence and poise that makes them a very attractive human to be near. Blogs are MAGIC. Three years ago, I started introducing my career change clients to publishing their own blog(s) and their careers literally TOOK OFF! Virtually overnight these people would get ‘legendary’ job offers the moment their site went ‘LIVE!’ Blogs don’t just know or imagine the future, they FEEL it, and therefore MAKE it happen. 2. Career Change – Telling the UNIVERSE You Are Available! They act as an ‘ICEBREAKER’ between strangers and CUT ACROSS our society’s normal conventions, allowing people to discuss YOUR work and availability without let or hindrance. When you surf the Net you think you are looking for information, but there is a powerful hidden agenda – ‘People LIKE people like themselves and WANT to associate with them. Therefore, if your blogs reflect the interests of key people in your marketplace, they are MORE than likely to check your background, qualifications and availability! 3. Career Change – SHOWCASE Your Potential Without Embarrassment If you have always shied away from ‘selling’ – blogs are the ideal platform for you. Now, YOU can ‘SET OUT YOUR STALL’ in a blog and readers can casually taste and sample YOUR wares from the safety of their desktop. Unworried by being actively SOLD to or ‘hurried’ in anyway – they now have NO hesitation in making that call. 4. Career Change – ROCKET to the Top With the POWER of Blogs If you tried to DESIGN a web site that was easily linked to, effortlessly keyword saturated and stickily popular you could NOT INVENT a better alternative than a blog – that you can CHANGE yourself, WHEN YOU WANT! 5. Career Change – Blogs are the NATURAL HOME of Networkers! Blogs are the NATURAL HOME of Networkers and will act as a ‘vehicle’ for your conversations and expertise exchange with recruiters, prospective colleagues and like-minded individuals. In 1991, I invented the word ‘Networking’ to describe the magical effect of individuals trading their expertise and using their interest, knowledge and enthusiasm to accelerate their career transitions. My mission then was ‘To teach networking to a million people’. I think you’ll agree that a whole industry has since grown up around the word ‘Networking’ and that blogs are where they choose to live. If you want to lead, then you need to blog. 6. Career Change – Positions YOU as an AUTHORITY In Your Field! Blogs have an ‘Authority,’ born of succinctness and an immediacy that is irresistible! You can do EVERYTHING with a blog that you can do with a web site and FAR MORE CHEAPLY and EASILY. Blogging clients have consistently reported how people in their field have asked their advice, when in FACT they were SENIOR to them! 7. Career Change Blog – You CAN Have Your Very OWN Domain Name Many of you will have noticed that the ‘minute’ you buy a domain name for your web site is the ‘minute’ you can think of a better name and wished you’d thought of it before! (It probably explains why I have a ‘bank’ of forty or fifty unused domain names.) With Blogs you can choose a name that includes the keywords for your sector, create and link clusters of blogs that create in effect a web ‘site’. Now, you can even find that domain name YOU bought ages ago and OVERLAY it onto your blog address. Nobody will ever guess that you have created such a beautiful and telling platform for your career from something with such an UGLY name!

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