Homeland Security A Good Career Choice

Homeland security has turned into big business in the U.S. With several new job openings and the chance to work in a personally rewarding industry, homeland security makes an excellent career choice.

The basic ingredients for a successful career go far beyond hard work and discipline. Planning is necessary to decide on a career that will satisfy a variety of personal and professional considerations. These considerations include educational opportunities, the availability of jobs both now and in the future, salary requirements and of course, and the nature of the work itself. Some people are less concerned with the nature of the actual work and are strictly financially motivated. Some fields are highly competitive in regard to job opportunities while others are experiencing unprecedented growth. Some fields require substantially more than a standard bachelor’s degree while others require little education at all. In short, these considerations must be weighed when deciding on a career path to follow.

Homeland security is a field that offers several benefits. In regard to educational opportunities, many colleges now offer degree programs in homeland security. These programs are designed to help graduates gain employment in the field by providing them with knowledge of the organizational structure of the various homeland security agencies and training them for the administrative aspects of supervisory positions. Many graduates go on to receive specialized training in law enforcement, investigations, immigration law, foreign policy and emergency management. In regard to job availability, the current and future employment outlook is well above average for all industries. In regard to salary requirements, positions in homeland security enjoy the same salaries as their non-industry counterparts with above average upward mobility. From administrators to file clerks, all employees who work for an agency that is supervised by the Department of Homeland Security are on the same pay scale that all federal employees are categorized under, yet often have more opportunities for advancement.

The nature of the work involved in homeland security is as varying as the number of positions in the industry. Aside from covert operations or intelligence gathering, a career in homeland security is often similar to a career in any field one might choose. A human resources director for a Department of Homeland Security field office will perform the same tasks that a human resources director for a private company will perform. There is one substantial difference, however. Those who choose to work in the homeland security field will be rewarded with the respect and admiration that comes with protecting our great nation.

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