Career Goals

If you are a college student and planning to have a great career, you will need to develop tangible career goals, which will enable you to reach your coveted career position. But if someone asks you about your career goals, do you have a concrete answer for that tricky question? Most of us have a tough time answering this dicey question. When you Financial Worries? Lose those worries by adding a second paycheck!have a right career goal and a clear cut action plan to achieve those goals, you’re probably on your way to a career success. How easy is to develop a career goal? With right attitude and mind, anyone can create a career goal for future success in life. Choosing your preferred career is a dynamic decision, which is a continuously ongoing process, demanding your dedication and attention. You may also need to apply your knowledge of self, academic interest, professional acumen, financial obligations and physical requirements. It also demands your power to apply some tricky logistical techniques and work ethics to reach some sort of career goals. The three steps in creating a career goal are:
  1. Test, examine and identify all those personal values before arriving at a career goal. Check out for any loopholes and deficiencies in your understanding of the real situation. Be specific to define any problems or potential obstacles to reach the goal. Never deceive yourself by deducing wrong or improper conclusions.
  2. Assign, identify, pool and use correct information; wrong information may create havoc at a later date. Thus you may need to accumulate only relevant and rational data and information while choosing your career goals.
  3. Develop, understand and use an effective action strategy for transforming all those information in to action. This step is almost like the heart of your career goal setting, as you will consider all practical aspects of career goal setting.
Once you have prepared these guidelines, you will plunge into creating a concrete action plan to achieve your goals. The following guidelines will help you to create a foolproof action plan:
  1. State the problem and its objectives in clear terms
  2. Define your goal in your own words.
  3. Prepare a temporary action plan containing every essential step
  4. Get ready with several alternatives and choices
  5. Now develop a solid final action plan to achieve your career goals. Be prepared to change the plan midway to suit to any changing conditions.
  6. Set up mid term appraisal studies to check any deviations
  7. Replace old decisions with new, more practical decisions.
When you’re through the college, create excellent resume and credential reports to provide them to your future employers. If you’re not interested in a job and if you want to set up your own business, get ready for the action as a final plunge to chase that elusive career goal.

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